Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine's Top 10 ideas

I have never really been a huge Valentine's Day fan but for some reason this year I am in the "love" zone.

I went exploring the Internet for ideas on how to celebrate/decorate. I found a lot of great things.

I present my "Top 10 Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas"

Hope you enjoy!

1. These Valentines are adorable for school or work. I like to bring something in for my work that is small but thoughtful. I work with over 30 nurses so inexpensive things are key!

2. I always buy dish towels for each holiday. You can find them cheap in the Target dollar section; my fav section of Target. I put them in my kitchen and downstairs bathroom. Super cute and cheap.

3. A cute wreath for you front door and doors in your house. This one is from Lillian Vernon.

4. Chocolate covered strawberries! I make these year round but Valentine's Day is the best time to devour these beauties. The tuxedo ones are simple to make.

~Melt bag of semi sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips in two separate bowls in microwave.
~Dip strawberries in white chocolate first, then dip sides of strawberries in regular chocolate to make look like tuxedo
~Fill small sandwich bag with some of the semi sweet chocolate and decorate strawberry with bow tie and buttons.

I also decorate strawberries in different ways. I dye some of the white chocolate pink and make pink strawberries and then drizzle white chocolate on top. I also scatter slivered almonds on top of strawberries right after they have been "dipped" so the almonds stick. Coconut is great too. The possibilities are endless!

5. Dressing up in a Valentine's Day outfit can be fun! Last year I worked and I wore a cute scrub outfit.

This year I will be at home and I found some cute options.

HAHAHA, just kidding! Though I am sure hubby would love this look :)

This set of panties is adorable because each one says "I love you" in a different language.

This dress is from Target and is super cheap. I like the color and the fact I would never have to iron it.

If I was going to go out to dinner then this is a great dress to wear from one of my fav stores, BCBG

6. Even if you don't coordinate your outfit with the holiday you can wear cute heart jewelry to celebrate.

found here

These pieces are from which is a costume jewelry site I adore.

7. Decorate a Valentine's Day tree. I found these cute ornaments at Lillian Vernon and it made me realize that I can reuse my pink Christmas tree. These will compliment it perfectly.

8. A nice meal is a great way to celebrate.

Martha Stewart has some great Valentine inspired recipes. My personal fav is the fillet mignon with herb crusted potatoes. A great bottle of champagne is amazing as well. I personally love to add pineapple juice and grenadine to a glass of champagne. Its called a Venetian Sunset and it is delicious!

9. I love to watch movies. What better way to celebrate "Love" day then viewing a few romantic movies.

How about The Notebook:

Amazing love story!

Gone with the Wind:

I watch this movie at least once a year.


Go ahead, laugh at me! I don't care. I heart this movie and I ball my eyes out every time I watch it.

10. Hand make a gift for someone you love. A few years ago my hubby (then boyfriend) and I made gifts for each other since we were broke college students. I made hubby a keepsake gift box. I glued pictures of us all over the box and placed little mementos of our dating history in the box. He made me a binder filled with poems, songs, pictures and stories that reminded him of our relationship. It is definitely the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day in my opinion.

I think this year I am going to get Colton to make him a sweet handmade present. Oh, all right, I am going to make it and say its from Colton since he still can not grasp objects or focus a few inches in front of his face :)


Lindsey said...

Loved this post, thanks for the fun ideas!!

Lil' Woman said...

Great ideas!
Thanks for passing them on! :)