Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking back...

Today I was thinking about the being pregnant. It has only been 2 weeks and it is really weird not being pregnant. It encompassed almost 10 months of my life. It physically and mentally changed me. Towards the end all I wanted was for it to be over but looking back now I wish I had cherished it a little bit more.

When I was pregnant I could protect Colton entirely because he was inside of me. Now that he is on the outside I am in constant protection mode a.k.a. Mama Bear.

When I was pregnant I could justify eating that extra dessert. Now, I look like a fat butt if I want an extra large piece of pie. UGH!

When I was pregnant I got to wear the most comfortable stretchy jeans. I am back into some of my pre-preggo jeans and they totally are not comfortable on my stomach. I want the spandex back which is so sad to say :(

When I was pregnant I was complimented on how well I was holding up and how I looked good. My stomach now looks like a sad deflated balloon and people ask if I slept because I look exhausted.

When I was pregnant it was just Colton and I. I had him all to myself. I love seeing him with his daddy and other family and friends but some days I want him all to myself. I know it is selfish; I blame my hormones.

I will not be pregnant again for awhile (knock on wood) so looking back and remembering all the good things is all I have right now. I am thrilled to have a happy and healthy baby. In all honesty, I am glad that I am not pregnant anymore but sometimes just for a split second I still think I am. I guess it will take awhile to get used to not being pregnant anymore.


Lindsey said...

Aww friend! This was a sweet post that kinda makes me want to be preggers!

Llama said...

awww how cute! a few of my close friends just had babies...i am sure they can definitely relate. someday it will be me...wishing and hoping someday!

Lil' Woman said...

Aww how sweet!
I would want that little ball of handsome all to myself too, if I was you! :)