Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I know it is still blazing hot out and fall is now where in site but a girl has got to plan.  I have picked out Colt's costume for Halloween. 

His all time favorite show is Blue's Clues.  It is the show that silences him when he is fussy and makes him smile.  I swear I can turn it on and he automatically looks towards the t.v. and laughs.  So he has to be Blue for Halloween. 

And why not make this a family affair. 

Jason will be Steve and me, well I will be Magenta.

The funny thing is in college we use to joke that Jason looked exactly like Steve. He had a shirt that was similar to Steve's and I believe he still has it.  I even gave him a Steve doll as a joke.  He hated it and now he has to dress up like him on purpose.  Oh how the might have fallen. HAHA.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Look who's back, back again

Oh how long has it been?  Let me count the days.  TOO many!

WOW! I never thought I would take such a long break from this.  Opps.  Oh well; time flies when you are busy working, raising a little one, taking care of a husband and house. 

Lets see what has happened over the last few months:

I have been working.  Back to my normal schedule of 3 days a week, 12 plus hours a day.  Long hours with lots of crazy stuff at work going on.  I am not going to talk about that because a lot of it is patient related and it is just frustrating and annoying to talk about work when I am not there.

Colton has occupied a lot of my time!  He is growing like a uncontrollable weed.  He is 7 months old this week and now weighs almost 20 pounds and is over 2 feet tall.  He is in the top percentile for weight.  Jason keeps asking if we need to consider putting him on a "baby weight watchers" plan. HAHA.  He wears a size 4 diaper; the same size as our 1 year old nephew! He definitely got my hips and butt.  BABY GOT BACK

He can now sit up by himself.  This past week he learned how to hold his own bottle and sippy cup.  He does not really drink out of the sippy cup just plays with it.  I only give it to him with water in it and maybe a little bit of apple juice.  I am just trying to get him use to it.  I think the cold water helps his gums too. 

No teeth yet but soon from what I can tell.  He eats a lot now.  On top of his bottles he eats 2-3 meals a day.  These consist of all kinds of fruits and vegetables.  I got lucky because he likes everything, as one can tell by his weight.  The only thing he can not have is pears because he breaks out in hives. 

He loves to play with all kinds of toys.  Beating things is his favorite activity.  A set of drums is in the works for one of his Christmas presents.  Daddy is sooo excited about this since he is a drum player and wants his son to be too.  One of his favorite things (mommy's too) is to be placed in his pack and play with a lot of toys and just grab everything and play till his hearts content. 

We have started stocking up on Christmas and Birthday presents for him. I have found that a lot of stores are placing things on clearance now to "clean house"  for all the toys to be put out for the holidays.  Unfortunately our son has a birthday right after Christmas so I have a feeling he is going to get screwed on presents.  Jason and I are going to try our best to make them separate holidays and make his birthday just as special.  I can't believe that it will be here soon!

Last but not least I have been busy trying to complete the house.  We will have lived for 2 years this December and I am determined to be done decorating before then.  I am almost done painting the entire downstairs.  Any day I have off that Colton can go to daycare I paint.  It is exhausting.  Next house we buy I am hiring painters!  Hopefully by fall I will be starting on the upstairs which is pretty much done besides the hallways and finishing touches. 

Whew! Exhausting times like I am sure everyone else is having.  I hope I do not have to take a break from blogging like that again.  I would love to continue this because I have made so many friends (I promise I am catching up on blogs as I type this) and love to have this record of the things going on in my life.