Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I know it is still blazing hot out and fall is now where in site but a girl has got to plan.  I have picked out Colt's costume for Halloween. 

His all time favorite show is Blue's Clues.  It is the show that silences him when he is fussy and makes him smile.  I swear I can turn it on and he automatically looks towards the t.v. and laughs.  So he has to be Blue for Halloween. 

And why not make this a family affair. 

Jason will be Steve and me, well I will be Magenta.

The funny thing is in college we use to joke that Jason looked exactly like Steve. He had a shirt that was similar to Steve's and I believe he still has it.  I even gave him a Steve doll as a joke.  He hated it and now he has to dress up like him on purpose.  Oh how the might have fallen. HAHA.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol....please post a picture of that at giys are going to look adorable.

New Mommy!!! said...

I LOVE this, Ha!! How adorable!

And fabulous that you are picking out hot heavy Halloween costumes in the dreaded hot summer! It is so horribly humid right now where we live when just yesterday, when it was just wonderfully beautiful outside the past couple days.

I got Nik a doggie costume on clearance last year at a dept store to save money this year. Hopefully, it will fit her this Halloween,, I better get checkng that. It may be too small. I'll probably put her in that, unless I find something else that is to die for. Ha! I am excited for Fall, but not winter!

I can;t wait to see pics of the three of you!

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We really would appreciate your vote!;)

Thanks so much! Love ya, Lindsay XOXO