Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 months

My baby is two months old today. So happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because he is definitely growing up to be a healthy boy.

He loves to smile and "talk". He even recognizes his daddy's voice on the phone. It is also sad because I feel like it is flying by so fast. This weekend we are going to try putting him in his own room to sleep. My husband knows where I will be sleeping; in the chair that is in his room. Ha, I can't let go!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Top Two Tuesdays

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Top Two Favorite TV Shows
1. Big Bang Theory

I adore this show. It is hilarious and Sheldon by far is one of the best TV characters ever!

2.  Project Runway

I have loved it from the start and continue to watch even though it switched stations.  One season I even watched it via YouTube because we did not have Bravo. 

Some other shows that I love:

The Office
How I Met Your Mother
The Real Housewives (All of them)

Wait Listed

The past few weeks we have been looking into daycare only to keep hearing the dreaded phrase "WAIT LIST".

I guess I should have planned on putting the name of my unborn child on a list for a good daycare 2 years ago.

That's right; most places have a 2 year wait list!

2 years ago I was not pregnant. I really was not trying to get pregnant either therefore I was not looking at daycares.  I am a planner but come on who looks into daycares 2 years before they get pregnant! Okay super moms in this area do.

Now I know that in order to have my child in a 4 or 5 star daycare I need to place his/her name down on a list years in advance. So since we would like to have another baby soon I will be putting the name of Baby Booger down on the wait lists at these fine establishments!

I am hoping I receive a call in a year and someone tells me they have an opening for my Booger!

* I had other gross names that I thought of too but I am trying to get my kid into these places*

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me so tired...

Hello. My name is Pamela and I am beyond tired!

I dream of this...

Maybe by this weekend I will get some rest and can blog about some stuff. Hope everyone is having a great week.

P.S. I got my pink watch for V-Day. Yah for my loving husband! It is super cute.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A member of the family

Hello there. My name is Link.

Thank you! Yes, I am adorable.

However I am CRAZY.

I live in this crazy house with my inferior human owners. They think that they run this household however I feel differently. I believe that I let them live here!

My birth name may be Link but no one calls me that. First off, my original name was Zelda however around the 8th week of my existence it was discovered that I was not a female. Shocking! Therefore the humans renamed me the male counterpart of the video game phenomenon. Nicknames eventually starting developing based on my personality and looks. The first was Hellboy; they are obsessed with comic books in this house. Hellboy fits though because I have these large paws with lots of extra claws (I'm special and exotic). One paw is larger so it definitely looks like Hellboy's large hand.

After a long list of other nicknames, some not appropriate and only used when I get in trouble, one name stuck. They call me Squishy. You know, from the movie Finding Nemo. Dory says: I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Yes I am a little pudgy but COME ON! How insulting is it to go from Link to Squishy. Its not even a real name. GEEZ!

I like to bring excitement to this house. That involves trying to climb every window covering, shower curtain or anything that hangs. I am an adventure junkie. I also love to sing. Late at night I serenade the humans.  I usually get a few good notes in before they pull out the squirt bottle.  Ha, they think that will stop me!  I then proceed to play the "I'll bite your foot till you give in and let me hog the bed" game.  I ALWAYS win.

I also love to be wherever my owners are including the shower. Don't even think of shutting the door because I will annoy you to death until you open it! I love to sit on the bath tub ledge and stare at you. Don't judge, I am just curious. When you are done showering I want you to pick me up and let me lick the water off your arm, legs, etc. The humans say that is gross so I proceed to bite them while they try to dry off. Yesterday I bit the beautiful female one on the butt. It was not hard to reach because she has a large butt. I think that song "I Like Big Butts" is about her.

I think I will let them stay here a little while longer just because they entertain me. Stupid humans!

**Yes, my cat nippled my naked butt yesterday.  Sad thing is: That is the most action I have had since I gave birth**

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This morning my husband texted me. It went like this:

Hubby: Lunch?

Me: Not today too much to do

Hubby: Nice try hiding the Vera Bradley planner

Me: Darn it!

Hubby: Never hide your purchases next to a mans dr pepper

Me: That was a fail

Hubby: I'll say!

In my defense I only bought it because he bought some comic books last week (yes my husband still buys comic books but that is a WHOLE post on its own). I hid it in the car before we did our taxes last night. I did not know he was going to go in the car this morning to get the soda out. I usually am so much better at concealing my purchases. Shopping fail!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings

~Valentine's Day is Sunday. No big plans. We actually are not really even getting each other anything because we bought something big over the weekend. However, Colton did "make" Daddy a lil something. We mailed it to his work today.

It's the little things that matter :)

~Our big purchase this weekend: A living room set. I have been begging Jason for a new one for a long time. Since he got a new "entertainment" system he agreed that a new living room set was in the works. It comes Thursday. It is cream with black accents.  So excited because I am getting so close to finishing the downstairs of the house.

~This winter weather is putting a cramp in the grandparents visiting.  My son will be a year before any of the grandparents get to visit again. Fingers crossed it will happen this weekend.

~Glad the Saints won.  It actually was a decent game and the commercials were not bad either.  E-Trade baby: Milk-a-WHAT.  Love it!

~Getting taxes done tonight.  What fun...can you feel the excitement?

~Looking into daycares today.  Tear.  I do not want to leave my baby. 

~Have a great week!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The "One"

With Valentine's Day around the corner I started to reflect on my relationship with my husband.

We met in college and have been together ever since. I actually remember the exact time when I finally knew he was the "one".

It was my junior year and I had an apartment off campus. I never stayed in that apartment. I usually always stayed with Jason. Judge me if you will but it worked for us. Since I was always at his apartment we split the cost of our groceries. We both had jobs (at the same place; yep one of those 24-7 couples) and got paid every two weeks. Well, I guess we spent too much money on college neccessaties one week because we were both broke!

Yes, we could have called our parents but we decided that we would work it out ourselves.  We had $10 to our names.  Not a lot when you think you need to eat at least 2x a day.  Jason agreed to take the money to the store and get us some essentials.  We ended up with bread, peanut butter, jelly and a case of ramen noodles. Candle light dinners with ramen noodles was what our week consisted of.  Nothing special but it was enough. 

You may be wondering how this story relates to how I knew he was the "one".  We both took a horrible situation (when you are college students having no money is one of the worst things) and worked it out together.  That week of eating ramen and pb and js with Jason made me realize that we could get through anything together.  All we really needed was each other

Now it seems like such a small thing seeing that we have been through so much more together.  You can say that we definitely fell in love forever over ramen noodles :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010



might prevent me from seeing this

this weekend.

I need spring to come.

Blog Hop

I am participating in:


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Hi! My name is Pam.

I am a 27 year old registered nurse on a busy surgical floor. I love my job!

This is my husband Jason. He is 28 and is my best friend.  We met in college and have been together for almost 10 years.

We are new parents to this cutie:

His name is Colton and is already a handful.

We absolutely adore him.

We live with 3 crazy animals.




They keep us busy!

When I am not busy with the husband, baby or animals I am finishing decorating our new home. Okay, its not new anymore because we have lived here for a year and I am just getting around to decorating. And of course I since I am on maternity leave I have more time for blogging.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

Over at Jimmy Choos and a Baby too Top Two Tuesday is going on.

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This week it is Top Two Fav Movies

I really love a lot of movies so it is hard to pick my top two. I love these two because I could watch them over and over and not get tired of either.

1. Armageddon
I don't care what people think.  This movie is awesome!  Action, comedy and romance all in one.  I love the main Aerosmith song in the movie.  Also, I cry everytime.  Whenever it is on t.v. I can't seem to pass up watching it. 

2. Say Anything

I love 80s movies and this one is my all time favorite.  I heart John Cusack.  Once again I love the song "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel (Can you tell I love music!).  Its a sweet story about a guy determined to get the girl. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Musings

~My kid does not want to sleep today. Its one of those "I am going to scream all day if you do not hold me" days!

~Cabin fever is getting to me. All the roads surrounding our neighborhood are still a skating rink. This is what we get for buying a house out in the middle of nowhere.

~I really just want Chic-fil-a. Do you think I can convince Jason to put his jeep into 4 wheel drive and go get me some?

~I painted our downstairs half bath yesterday. It took me over a year to complete this project and only took me 2 hours. I will post pictures once I hang some decorative items up.

~I seriously need to do some shopping. Going.through.withdrawl!
Maybe I can sneek some online purchases in without hubby knowing. I am thinking:

This necklace from this etsy site (of course with Colton James on it)

or this dress

~My kid is the cutest

Hope this week is a good one!