Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Things

I have a cold. I tested myself twice for the flu (thankfully I have the ability to do this for free) and both times it was negative. So I diagnosed myself with a cold. Boo. I'm miserable.

I am now so fat that I have to sleep more in a sitting position just so I can breathe. Top that off with the fact I have so much gunk in my nose that I am now sleeping with my mouth wide open. Woke up today from a nap and could not feel the back of my throat because it was so dry.

Took the dog to the vet. She pooped on the floor and the tech stepped in it. That's my princess. Needless to say I was embarrassed but she was not.

My husband and I are hosting a Halloween get together for a bunch of friends. He deemed it "Beer Olympics" with events and all. I can not participate in the festivities but I get to referee. I am all about the power :)

The other night went shopping for new maternity jeans. I ended up buying new boots instead. Yah, the boots beat out the "fat" girl jeans. OF COURSE!

I am getting really excited about Christmas. One: I love the holiday and decorating. Two: Colton will be coming around that time (fingers crossed). Best Christmas present ever!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walking fail

7:00am: Dressed and ready to head down to the kitchen to grab a granola bar before I head out to class (no I am not in college anymore but as a nurse you have to take class to keep license updated; this month's: Facial Trauma, exciting).

I start my walk down the stairs and notice the "Fat One" aka Eli the cat laying on one of the middle steps. However, I do not notice his fat paw on the step above where he is laying.

I step on his paw and proceed to fall onto my big butt. Instead of stopping there I then slide down 6 steps. The brunt of the fall was taken by my butt and right leg. Unfortunately, for the past few weeks I have had horrible nerve pain in that leg. The fall did not help cure that.

I lay on the stairs and whine to see if my husband will come to get me. In all reality I am fine but I just want him to come and console me (also, I needed his help to get my fat self up off the stairs). He is in the shower and can not hear my pleas for help.

I pull my self up and limp up to bedroom.

I tell him that I just fell down the stairs. Luckily, for his sake, his first response was "Are you ok? Is the baby ok?"
I inform him I am fine just sore and that it was not a bad fall.
He then proceeds to tell me, "Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. You did it weekly before you were pregnant!"

Thanks sweetie!

The other bad part I tell some of my coworkers about it in class and their response was "Don't you do that all the time?" Gosh my clutziness is out!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Body

Dear Body,

I am truly grateful how well you are doing during this pregnancy. I never knew you would take it so well. The weight I have gained has really only been in our stomach area (sure there is a little extra in the hips but not much). Jason thanks you for the new top portion (chest area) and asks if my new "friends" can stay after Colton is born. I told him I would try to convince you but no pressure; I am good either way. The swelling in our feet has begun but you are dealing with it well. As long as I keep comfortable shoes on it is no problem. My face is filling in a little too but I am confident that you will make sure it returns to normal afterwards.

As happy as I am with your abilities to carry a child I would like to remind you what should happen after your job is done.

You see these cute shoes:

Our feet shall handle these after baby is born and tolerate it like we use to. I mean before we were pregnant I lived in heels outside of work to compensate for my lack of height. We are vertically challenged and will still be after Colton arrives.

This lovely sweater would look great on us, don't you think?

How about this bathing suit? Remember what those are? I know we did not sport them this summer but a new season will be upon us soon.

How about this adorable dress. It's BCBG, one of our favs. We deserve to be able to wear something like this!

And wouldn't the "girls" look great in this top? Come on, you know they would.

I understand that I have to do my part after giving birth but I would appreciate your cooperation too. We have never been tiny but definitely can handle our own in the stylish petites department. Please don't make me wear "Mom Jeans".


Your faithful friend and biggest fan Pam

P.S. After Colton is born I can not guarantee that I will be able to buy us the designer duds that are in this letter; I will try my best but we might be sporting the Target style for many years.

New Ride

So we have now added an addition to our "ride" collection. We now proudly support not only a Jeep and a Toyota but this pretty lady too:

That's right, our new ride is the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System!

And it only cost about the same amount as my car payment. Sweet! (why does everything baby related have to be so costly?) Thank you Grandma and Grandpa P. for the nice gift. Colton will definitely being cruising in style!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13th

2 years ago today I married my best friend. I walked down the aisle with my dad who then proceeded to bear hug and kiss my future husband (I think he was excited about getting rid of 1 of 3 daughters, haha) and sealed my future with a kiss. Two years later we now live in a different city, own a house and are expecting our first child. Wow!

For our anniversary we went away for a night and had a lovely time. We shopped, ate, and watch my Panthers defeat his Redskins. Overall it was a great way to celebrate and relax before baby comes.

Colton has been super active lately. He loves to hiccup in my belly. Jason got to feel that for the first time last night. He is also a fan of dancing. I think he holds dance parties in my belly. I had my glucose test yesterday and let me just say, YUM. That stuff is disgusting. I hope it goes well because I do not want to drink it again. I am measuring a few days ahead of 28 weeks and his heart beat sounded great.

Only 12 more weeks till I am due. CRAZY.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glimpses of Colton's Room

We are still working on baby boy's room and hopefully will finish by November. I took some pictures of what we have done so far.

This is the wall opposite of where the crib will be. The chair was steal from Babies R Us and is super soft. The bookshelf is still a work in progress; there WILL be books on there eventually.
Superman wall decal with shelves of action figures

His name above where the crib will be. I know the "L" is crooked; I did not notice it till after I took the picture. It is fixed now thanks to my OCD.

We still need to:
-Purchase and hang curtains
-Get crib (gift from my parents and put together
-Complete the bedding for the crib (we are just doing basic white and blue bedding since room is so busy)
-Complete the changing table/dresser (not pictured b/c it was covered with a bunch of baby stuff that I have yet to put away)
-Purchase white rug for room
I just hope he "bakes" till his due date so I can finish everything.

On a side note, I got crafty these last few days and stole an idea from another blogger. Lis Loves made this ribbon topiary and I had to make one myself. I made a fall one that is complete and am now working on a Christmas one. I think it is super cute!

I heart fall!