Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glimpses of Colton's Room

We are still working on baby boy's room and hopefully will finish by November. I took some pictures of what we have done so far.

This is the wall opposite of where the crib will be. The chair was steal from Babies R Us and is super soft. The bookshelf is still a work in progress; there WILL be books on there eventually.
Superman wall decal with shelves of action figures

His name above where the crib will be. I know the "L" is crooked; I did not notice it till after I took the picture. It is fixed now thanks to my OCD.

We still need to:
-Purchase and hang curtains
-Get crib (gift from my parents and put together
-Complete the bedding for the crib (we are just doing basic white and blue bedding since room is so busy)
-Complete the changing table/dresser (not pictured b/c it was covered with a bunch of baby stuff that I have yet to put away)
-Purchase white rug for room
I just hope he "bakes" till his due date so I can finish everything.

On a side note, I got crafty these last few days and stole an idea from another blogger. Lis Loves made this ribbon topiary and I had to make one myself. I made a fall one that is complete and am now working on a Christmas one. I think it is super cute!

I heart fall!


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Lil' Woman said...

His room looks soo cute! :) Stay in there little man so mommy can finish your awesome room!