Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Body

Dear Body,

I am truly grateful how well you are doing during this pregnancy. I never knew you would take it so well. The weight I have gained has really only been in our stomach area (sure there is a little extra in the hips but not much). Jason thanks you for the new top portion (chest area) and asks if my new "friends" can stay after Colton is born. I told him I would try to convince you but no pressure; I am good either way. The swelling in our feet has begun but you are dealing with it well. As long as I keep comfortable shoes on it is no problem. My face is filling in a little too but I am confident that you will make sure it returns to normal afterwards.

As happy as I am with your abilities to carry a child I would like to remind you what should happen after your job is done.

You see these cute shoes:

Our feet shall handle these after baby is born and tolerate it like we use to. I mean before we were pregnant I lived in heels outside of work to compensate for my lack of height. We are vertically challenged and will still be after Colton arrives.

This lovely sweater would look great on us, don't you think?

How about this bathing suit? Remember what those are? I know we did not sport them this summer but a new season will be upon us soon.

How about this adorable dress. It's BCBG, one of our favs. We deserve to be able to wear something like this!

And wouldn't the "girls" look great in this top? Come on, you know they would.

I understand that I have to do my part after giving birth but I would appreciate your cooperation too. We have never been tiny but definitely can handle our own in the stylish petites department. Please don't make me wear "Mom Jeans".


Your faithful friend and biggest fan Pam

P.S. After Colton is born I can not guarantee that I will be able to buy us the designer duds that are in this letter; I will try my best but we might be sporting the Target style for many years.


Lil' Woman said...

You can send a letter to my body and give it the business...I'm not pregnant but it needs a little talking to anyway :)

Blair said...

haha! this is hilarious! love the shoes!

Taryn said...

You are too funny. I am sorry I have missed your blog for awhile- but I love this letter. I will have to remember that for myself someday! ha