Tuesday, August 25, 2009


College kids are heading back. Oh the memories.

I went to a great school, James Madison, in the mountains of VA. I met many great friends and my husband there. The best time of year in college was when the summer ended and school was getting ready to begin. Fall was in the air.

My freshman year was spent here. Hillside Hall. Great dorm and it had air conditioning which is always a plus. Many late night fire drills due to stupid girls burning popcorn in the microwave happened in this building. One time I was too drunk to find my other slipper and had to stand in the snow with only one on at 3 am until the fire drill was over. It was flippin lovely!

This is the gym called UREC. It is huge. I have many memories there of attempting to work out. HA!

This is called the "Kissing Rock". The legend basically is kiss on it and be together forever. I think every college has one of these legends. Of course Jason and I kissed here. So far so good!

Our football field. I spent many Saturdays here in the fall. Many of which I do not remember due to too much pregaming!

Beautiful Wilson Hall and the Quad. Fall days are the best on the quad. Laying around pretending to study.

Our mascot was the Duke Dog. Purple and gold! I still sport it.

I enjoyed my college days, a little too much sometimes. However, I grew up a lot at JMU. It was a placed I called home for 4 years. I cherish my memories and hope one day my child will get to experience the greatness that attending a university holds.


My youngest sister left the nest this week. She is pursing her goal to become a hairstylist. She packed up and moved to a different city in a stylish studio apartment. We are so proud of her. I know she will grow and mature and find her true self in the next year. Also, I am looking forward to the free hair/makeup care!

I asked my mom what is was like now that the last of the three girls have left home. Her response was "Quiet". It got me to thinking that in the next few months my quiet will be gone.

No longer will I be able to leave my house and do what I want only thinking about myself and Jason. No longer will my mornings be silent except for the noise of my animals playing. No longer will I be known as Pam, Pami, etc. Instead it will be Mom. WOAH!

My quiet will be gone.

I am thrilled at this idea. I am ready for my time to be a mom. And I am willing to wait how ever many years it takes to have quiet again.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And the baby is....

Well my days soon will be filled with this....

As soon as the ultrasound tech placed the probe on my belly I saw it...a nicely displayed man part!
My child is not shy in showing off his parts!
I knew before we went in that it was a boy. I just had a feeling. When she placed the probe and I saw it I looked at Jason. The tech quickly moved the probe and then proceeded to ask if we wanted to know the sex. OF COURSE! She said there was no doubt that it was a boy. Jason proceeded to imaginary high five anything in sight.
The rest of the ultrasound was cool. The baby was very active and moving around a lot. We even got a 3D photo of the face (which took about 10 tries because baby boy kept covering his face, I think I will have to teach him to cover his man parts instead). We are measuring right on track and the doctor said that we most likely will have a 2009 tax deduction. I am hoping for a few days before Christmas.
Next up, my hubby and I will be battling names. Pretty sure I will win!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plans for weekend

Hump day has come so I plan for my weekend.

Jason and I are going to install a "Big Cat Door".

Yes, that is what it is called. This door will be for the cats to go out into the garage to use their litterbox. It has to be BIG because Eli is a BIG BOY. Their own private restroom (which is in the man room, how fitting).

We are going to go look into a slider chair for the nursery. It is a glider/rocker. A friend recommended this chair and though it is pricey it fits our decor and can be used elsewhere in the house.

Finally we will be seeing this hottie, Channing Tatum.

In the G.I. Joe movie. I have loved this show since I was little. I am such a boy.