Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plans for weekend

Hump day has come so I plan for my weekend.

Jason and I are going to install a "Big Cat Door".

Yes, that is what it is called. This door will be for the cats to go out into the garage to use their litterbox. It has to be BIG because Eli is a BIG BOY. Their own private restroom (which is in the man room, how fitting).

We are going to go look into a slider chair for the nursery. It is a glider/rocker. A friend recommended this chair and though it is pricey it fits our decor and can be used elsewhere in the house.

Finally we will be seeing this hottie, Channing Tatum.

In the G.I. Joe movie. I have loved this show since I was little. I am such a boy.

1 comment:

Lil' Woman said...

Love that rocker! : )
Men stink anyway, he won;t even notice! lol