Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My youngest sister left the nest this week. She is pursing her goal to become a hairstylist. She packed up and moved to a different city in a stylish studio apartment. We are so proud of her. I know she will grow and mature and find her true self in the next year. Also, I am looking forward to the free hair/makeup care!

I asked my mom what is was like now that the last of the three girls have left home. Her response was "Quiet". It got me to thinking that in the next few months my quiet will be gone.

No longer will I be able to leave my house and do what I want only thinking about myself and Jason. No longer will my mornings be silent except for the noise of my animals playing. No longer will I be known as Pam, Pami, etc. Instead it will be Mom. WOAH!

My quiet will be gone.

I am thrilled at this idea. I am ready for my time to be a mom. And I am willing to wait how ever many years it takes to have quiet again.

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Lil' Woman said...

Cute post...I'm gonna enjoy my quiet for a little while longer! :)