Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working it

As usual I have been a bad blogger. Slap on wrist.

I have been busy.

We ordered a baby dresser; on clearance, thank you very much! It will come this week.

I cleaned, meaning scrubbed entire house. It needed it.

I encouraged, don't ask me why, my husband to buy a new blue ray dvd player and surround sound. I did not know it will become such a big ordeal and expense. He has been super sweet lately so I thought he deserved a treat.

Late one night after a long three days of work Jason surprised me in bed with a package. He told me he knew that I had not been feeling well and was down about my ever changing body. He wanted to get me something to cheer me up. Inside was the newest Vera Bradley diaper bag. I had been looking at it since I found out I was pregnant but did not want to spend to dough to get it. He also placed a pair of Carolina Panthers baby socks and Duke bib in the bag. Super sweet.
I cried.

I picked out paint for the entire house. Now all I have to do is set date for family to come and help paint. I also have to find out sex of baby (only two more weeks) so I can pick out paint for nursery.

Just random list of things down in last few days. I wish I had more time to post but I have to go shop for housewarming present for my lil sis's first apartment.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just some random things

This week has been pretty calm. However I still have yet to go to work for the week so that could change. I feel like I am super fat and have starting getting to the point where only certain pants can button.

Can you tell how tired I am in these pics???

I know I have a ways to go so I am not stressing.

I have started buying baby clothes. Gender neutral stuff since we won't know the sex till August. I actually found some really cute stuff at the thrift store today.

A new thrift store opened near my house. It is a huge store. I found a large Disney fairy tale book as well as three outfits for baby. When I went to check out the man checking me out was super nice. He was asking about my baby, due date, etc. He placed one of the baby outfits in the bag and said that he would not charge me for it because it was a gift for baby. Awww. Then the credit machine went down and I was a dollar short in cash (I usually do not even carry cash) and he was like no worries and took what I had. I love this thrift store. Next time I will be sure to bring extra cash to make a donation to make up for my freebies today.

Hopefully work will be calm the next three days.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In August (I do not know what day as of yet, but you can bet on my big booty that I will find out) one of my all time fav restaurants will be coming to Raleigh.


Tijuana Flats came to my home town of VA Beach about 2 years ago right down the street from my beach apartment. Jason loves trying new places and I went along.


It is a fresh Mexican food restaurant.

It has a hot sauce bar. Oh, the hot sauce bar. Delicious.

Seriously we went there at least twice a week. The managers new us by name and our orders by heart.

When I go back to the beach to visit family and friends the first thing I do when I pull in town is to go to Tijuana Flats. I do not care if I am not hungry because as soon as I order I start to drool.

I have yet to find a staple restaurant like this in the Dirty D but come August my search will be over.

Oh boy I need to start a countdown when I find out the grand opening.

Note: It was originally set to open in June. I actually sent an email to the company to asked what happened. I am that serious about this place. God help me if the baby inside hates this food.