Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In August (I do not know what day as of yet, but you can bet on my big booty that I will find out) one of my all time fav restaurants will be coming to Raleigh.


Tijuana Flats came to my home town of VA Beach about 2 years ago right down the street from my beach apartment. Jason loves trying new places and I went along.


It is a fresh Mexican food restaurant.

It has a hot sauce bar. Oh, the hot sauce bar. Delicious.

Seriously we went there at least twice a week. The managers new us by name and our orders by heart.

When I go back to the beach to visit family and friends the first thing I do when I pull in town is to go to Tijuana Flats. I do not care if I am not hungry because as soon as I order I start to drool.

I have yet to find a staple restaurant like this in the Dirty D but come August my search will be over.

Oh boy I need to start a countdown when I find out the grand opening.

Note: It was originally set to open in June. I actually sent an email to the company to asked what happened. I am that serious about this place. God help me if the baby inside hates this food.

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Lil' Woman said...

lol..I've never been there, damn that would suck if the baby hated it-