Tuesday, June 30, 2009


For Jason's birthday this year I got him the most awesome gift he could ever want. pats self on back
He always surprises me with such nice things. However, when it comes to his birthday I never know what to get him. He always wants some high tech, super specific gadget that I would never be able to get without him being there when I buy it. NO FUN because he never gets surprised. This year was different. I actually picked the gift out myself (he did guess it a couple times but I never told him he was right).

I spent weeks researching for the best deal, brand, accessories, etc. I called his father who is an expert in this field. I picked up the phone and talked to different customer representatives about the specs, etc. I even worked 3 overtime shifts to buy it. It was a lot of money but totally worth it because he fell in love.

With all the thought I put into the gift I should have known I would be tortured by this gift.

I give you my permanent migraine:

Yes, I know, my fault. I am an idiot. DRUMS, I mean come on who gets someone DRUMS.


He was super excited when he first got them that I actually was excited to hear them. He used to play when he was younger and wanted to start again. I thought that it would be a good activity to keep him occupied plus they are in the garage which would keep the sound out of the house.


These are not just cymbals; they are metal torture devices!

These two little sticks pack a huge punch and need to be thrown in the wood pile for my sanity

But look at that pretty blue color; distacts you from the hearing loss you will get if you consider purchasing drums

Needless to say, he loves them and plays for about an hour every other night.

Next step: Register baby for these


Lis said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! And you are such a sweet wife to get those for the hubby!! (And yea, I think you and the baby need those noise canceling headphones!!!!)

d.a.r. said...

What an awesome wife you are though. I can guarantee he loooovvveeess that gift! Now, go use that hour as an excuse to go shopping or something :)

Lil' Woman said...

Your an awesome wife and a very brave woman! :)