Monday, June 29, 2009

Been gone so long

I know I have been so MIA lately.

Super busy.

My bad.

I am now 14 weeks pregnant. I have a bump. I actually feel great. I had a little infection and had to take Flagyl for it. Most DISGUSTING med ever. It instantly starts to dissolve when it hits your tongue. I threw it up a couple times right after taking it. The baby absolutely did not like that medicine. I now have a new respect for my patients that I give this medicine too.

Last doctors visit the baby was already getting in trouble. When she hooked up Doppler machine to listen to heart rate, she would find it and then the baby would move. This was repeated 3 times. She eventually said that the baby was busy running away from her and just gave up (I was glad for this because she was pressing super hard and I either was going to pee all over table or expel a loud fart, haha!) The heart beat was great and really cool to hear. Figures my kid would already be getting in trouble. Definitely Jason's child.

I never did talk about our vacation to Vegas. It was great. I will go again but not for 5 nights next time. The city was beautiful and colorful. It was really exciting. We went and saw The Hangover movie a few weeks ago...Hilarious. It was cool seeing all the sights of Vegas in the movie and knowing what they were.

Here are some pics

Jason and I at the Venetian

The Luxor Hotel advertising for new Transformers movie

The boys inside Caesars Palace

View from MGM room

At the wax museum posing with the Rock
Me booty bumping Jenny from the Block


Paris at night

In front of the Flamingo (one of the original hotels) I had to get a pic since it said Flamingo, plus that is just a soda in my hand

Jason and Billy Idol
RIP Mike
Joel drooling over Brittney Spears
Tim Loves Me
Joe Montana made Jason's day
We had a great time. Hopefully we will go again someday and I can party with the big boys next time.


Lil' Woman said...

Looks like fun! :)

Kate said...

Congrats on the baby!

Those wax photos are too funny!