Monday, June 1, 2009

Nursery Ideas

Even though it is early on I am still thinking about nursery decorations. (Actually for a long time some of these ideas have been floating in my head)

For a Baby Boy:

I always thought it would be a sports themed room because hubby and I love them. Unfortunately we love different teams and would never be able to agree on one. I do not want to confuse the poor kid either with a Hodge-podge of team colors, etc.

So we have settled on a Superhero theme. I think it will be cute and something that baby boy could grow into. By placing chair rail around room we can paint outline of city because every superhero has a metropolis. We would also frame a bunch of hubby's old comics to place around room. The colors can be bright but not too overbearing.

For a girl:

This will be my only chance to incorporate pink into my house so be certain I will take full advantage of it if it happens. A pink explosion!

My main idea is black, white and pink. Hubby is afraid it will be too dark but with all the pink there is no way.

Love these bedding ideas:

I also love butterflies so I would love to incorporate them. As well as letters of the name on the wall.

On side note found these on Etsy the other day. Swoon. Too cute for little girl!


Taryn said...

I love the Super Hero Theme. That would be so awesome.

Lil' Woman said...

Love the superhero idea and yes def. take full advantage of the pink room for your girl! :)