Friday, August 27, 2010

Will the Real Slim Shady Please...

Put a pacifer in your mouth...

Sadly I think I have made a big mistake.  As my loving husband put it, "You have introduced our son to probably the raunchiest rapper out in the music industry."  Parenting Fail!

Let me explain. Sometimes while driving I flip through my CD changer and don't realize what is playing while Colton is in the car.  Unfortunately (for him not me because I really like the CD) I have the new Eminem in my disc player. 


So, I play music, get into it and then realize, ummm maybe not appropriate for my child.  It is so hard to change my music listening habits for him.  I love all kinds of music and so does Jason.  I feel like he will be a well versed child in the art of music.  His father is even musically talented.  (I like to think I was with my few years of violin and I even learned how to play a recorder when I was little...Haha).  So we would love for him to be a fan of all things music.

Anyways, back to the point.  One day while driving in the car he got a little cranky in the back.  I turned the music on and started to jam out singing to him just to see if it would quite him.  Shockingly, it did!

The song: Love the Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna

Colt got so into it that he was actually singing.  Well, yelling and cooing is singing to him but his voice is beautiful to me. 

The other day we are in the car and he starts to get really cranky again.  I tell Jason to turn the cd player on and go to song 15. What happens; instant silence from Colton as soon as the song comes on.  Jason realizes what just happened and what song is playing and congratulates me on earning the Mother-of-the-Year award (just kidding; he was just shocked that the song worked to soothe him).  This is the only song that does it for him in the car.  I do not know why and I know it is not good for him to listen to some of the lyrics.  The only way I make myself feel better about letting him listen to the song is that I claim he only listens to the chorus because that is the cleanist part.

Note to self: Clean out CD collection in car and replace with classical CDs. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A fat kid loves....


Colton was super excited with a trip to this doughnut shop.  He does not even eat doughnuts but the smile on his face is priceless.  Maybe he is practicing for when he finally gets to eat a real sweet treat

Monday, August 23, 2010

Motherhood Monday

Sometimes you just have to give in and let boys be boys.  Or babies be babies. 

Case in point: When I need some time to do something around the house and still need to keep Colton occupied I utilize lunch time and the high chair.


I let my child play with his food. 

Yes, I know it is not good table manners,but he is 7 months and table manners are far from his scope of understanding.  Plus, I get a few minutes to empty dishwasher, take trash out, etc. 

He loves it.  He splashes and flings it everywhere.  I put the highchair in the middle of the kitchen so that the food flings on surfaces that are easy to wipe and not my carpets.  I also love the tray on the chair because it is removable and can come clean in the sink. 

Note: Doing this around dinner time works well because then it is straight to the bath!

I love a good food fight!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

And the saga continues...

My child is in a daycare a few days a week.  He is exposed to other children and loves to play with them.  However I have found that he is still learning what the word "Sharing" means.  I will demonstrate what I mean in pictures:

"Yay! Toys!"


"You want to share?"


"Nope, mine!"


"Hand over the juice and no one gets hurt"

"I will defeat you"

Learning how to share is a priority in this house! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation Holiday

Its all I ever wanted!

Our vacation was great.  We spent a lot of time on the beach.  Myrtle Beach is nice because it is family friendly and not too crowded.  I grew up on a beach and since we moved I have missed it a lot.  It was really nice to have a hotel on the oceanfront.  Sitting on the balcony and listening to the waves was amazing. 

Here are some beach pics:

We did a lot of eating (we even did Medieval Times which is definitely cheesy but totally fun to do once. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I could not get pictures but our knight won and Colton was super excited, so much so he lost his voice from yelling.  Seriously he yelled and laughed during the entire jousting event). We also shopped and walked around a lot.  A total blast but definitely:


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh where oh where can we be

Let me just state I had every intention of blogging this week but I was preoccupied by this lovely site of my son enjoying himself non-stop:

We were on vacation.  YAY! 

We got a really cheap two bedroom oceanfront suite in Myrtle Beach (perks of my hubby's job) and skipped out of town on Saturday.  My sister Meg, Charles and their son Jackson came along too!

We have gone to Myrtle Beach before but not for such a long time.  This was our first family vacation and most definitely not our last.

There was plenty of sword fighting

and toy playing (I had to pack most of these toys and they were great to keep the kids entertained)

My sister got practice in case she decides to have another child

Colton smiled a lot

So did his cousin Jackson

And that made Mommy happy too!

More to come later because I am exhausted! Whew laying on a beach, swimming and shopping will do that.  :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not a math major...

Going to bed last night Jason and I were talking about our upcoming vacation:

Jason: You have 14 days off soon

Me: Yep

Jason: I only have 9 (sucks to be him, hahaha)

Me: No you have 11 (He is off starting Saturday the 14th and goes back to work on Monday the 23rd)

Jason: How do you figure?

Me: Well you have the weekend and then the 7 days of the week and then the next weekend.

Jason: (laughs so loud I thought he would wake Colton) Since when does a week have 7 days not counting the weekend?

Me: (confused, calculating the math again in my head, realizing my stupity) Oh yah, your right.

Jason: When I say a number to you just trust that I am right.  Remember you were not a math major.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He's Got Junk in His Trunk

TMI Post (I will spare you the pictures)

This post will describe how close and gross my hubby and I are...when you are with someone for almost 10 years nothing is off limits.

When I was on maternity leave and home by myself with the little one I would get bored sometimes.  I only had a little baby to talk to all day. Text messages to my husband while he worked were my only adult talk for the day. Somewhere a long the way the texting got weird.

Colton can poop like no other (told you it was TMI). I swear that sometimes it is more than any adult could ever do in one trip to the bathroom.  I should know since part of my profession is helping to clean up other peoples messes. #2s do not gross me out since I dealt with it many times before having a child. But this kid, ugh!

As a joke one day I sent a text to hubby with a pic of his son's most recent work.  I do I have time to take a picture of it, as he is moving and grooving all round in his mess.  I did though and I started a war.  Now whenever I am at work and Colton has a "blow out" I am now privledge to get a text with a photo of it.  And I do the same to my husband so his day can be blessed with a gross photo. 

We have done this so much now that my phone is full of poop pictures.  Whenever I want to show someone a picture of something on my phone I have to scroll through the "artwork" photos quickly so no one will see them.  Awakward and embrassing but it is part of our daily life sadly.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Motherhood Monday

I by no means know how to be a mother better than anyone.  I have only been one for a few months.  But the journey I have been on has been amazing.  I love to share stories of how I am surviving as a new mother. 

Today I share the must haves for a new mother.  These are things I have found work wonders in my busy day to day life. 

1.  A drying rack. 

Seriously!  Such a small simple thing is a life saver with all the bottles you go through.  Works great for breast pump supplies, bottles and now sippy cups.

2. A organizer for bathroom. 

We have this over our bathroom door.  Its stores diapers, lotions, washclothes, nail trimmer, comb, etc.  It is great to have everything near by for right after bath time.  I don't have to go to 10 different spots to find what I need. 

3. Multiple diaper changing stations.  You never know when you are going to get into a disastrous mess and where it will be.  We have a changing table in Colt's room, a diaper holder in our room, and his pack and play in the living room.  Makes for changing diapers wherever a breeze.  I do not think I would survive with just one place to change diapers. 

4. A bobby pillow.

 Honestly the best thing ever. Can be used for so much.  When he was little it was great for feeding.  Also when he would wake up early morning we would place he on it between us in bed and he would go back to sleep for a bit.  Awesome for catching a few extra winks. Now that he is older we use it to support him when he is sitting.  This way if he falls back its a "cushioned fall". 

5. A carrier.

We have the Jeep carrier; my husbands choice since he loves all things Jeep. Colton loves riding in this thing and it gives him a break from his stroller.  I have a bad neck and back from some previous car accidents and this carrier actually does not hurt me.  It works to up to 24 pounds or something so totally worth the money spent since you can get a lot of use out of it. (I always thought it looked dorky to use this and it really does but who cares!)

6. Fisher Price's Fish Tank.

 This is in his crib and at bedtime helps to calm him down.  It plays a lot of different songs and has soothing ocean sounds. I think anything like this is helpful for a fussy baby.

7. A great diaper bag.  I knew when I was pregnant that I had to have a stylish diaper bag that I would love since I am a purse hoarder. Jason bought me a Vera Bradley one as a present early on in my pregnancy when I was not feeling well. (Awwww! Yep, my hubby can be sweet)  This is now my purse when I have Colton. Invest in one with lots of room because as the baby grows so does the diaper bag. I can store so much of Coltons stuff and all my purse essentials in mine. We also got Jason a "Man Bag".  Its Eddie Bauer and it stores a lot as well. Both are always stocked so whoever has him for the day is prepared.

There is so much stuff that helps out everyday.  As Colton grows so does the list of things I need to survive the day.  Oh well, its all worth it!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Motherhood Monday

So I want to try something new.  I would like to post every Monday about the joys of motherhood.  MotherHood Mondays, Mommy Monday, Monday Mayhem or whatever I call it. Maybe I will talk about products I love, all the different kinds of spit-up babies can have, the best way to deal with the blow outs that undoubtedly happen once solids are started, the love of a child, fun things to do to entertain a child and adult, etc. I have only been a mom for 7 months but it has been a wild fantastic ride and I have learned a lot. 

Today I want to share a letter I wrote to my lil man.  (I occasionally write him letters expressing what I am thinking at that time just for him to have later in life. Nothing fancy, just a conversation on paper for him since he can't understand it all right now).

Dear Colton,

Today you are 7 months old. 

7 months ago I brought into this world a little boy who brightens this earth with his presence.

7 months ago I fell in love with you and in love with your father all over again.

7 months ago I found out what it meant when people said that the love of a child is the best thing in the world.

As I write this you are playing in your pack and play.  Every now and then you look up at me and flash your cheesy grin then wiggle your eyebrows and laugh.  That is the look that melts my heart every time. Your laugh is the most joyous sound to my ears. 

I see you growing more each day and that excites me but scares me all at the same time. I am looking forward to what you will become.  I am anxious for all your milestones to occur but I want to keep you small for as long as I can.  This is the only way I can think to protect you.  I want you to experience this world but I need to learn how to let you do that without me going into "panic mommy mode".

I honestly do not remember what it was like not to have you in my life. It feels like you have always been with me.  Maybe you have; maybe you were always a part of me and I just had to wait for you to make your appearance.  Whatever it is I am glad you now are my world.

As the days go by I am amazed at what you have learned and accomplished in such a short time. I know that so much more is to come for you. You can and will be anything you want.  I will be there by your side guiding and supporting you the entire way!



Next week I want to talk about all my favorite things I have found a long the way that have helped me out during this first year of mommyhood.