Monday, August 23, 2010

Motherhood Monday

Sometimes you just have to give in and let boys be boys.  Or babies be babies. 

Case in point: When I need some time to do something around the house and still need to keep Colton occupied I utilize lunch time and the high chair.


I let my child play with his food. 

Yes, I know it is not good table manners,but he is 7 months and table manners are far from his scope of understanding.  Plus, I get a few minutes to empty dishwasher, take trash out, etc. 

He loves it.  He splashes and flings it everywhere.  I put the highchair in the middle of the kitchen so that the food flings on surfaces that are easy to wipe and not my carpets.  I also love the tray on the chair because it is removable and can come clean in the sink. 

Note: Doing this around dinner time works well because then it is straight to the bath!

I love a good food fight!


Ms. J said...

So cute! That's definitely the best way to do things sometimes!

Kayla said...

Cute!! I will definitely be using this tactic later on when our Little man is old enough to sit in his high chair. So don't you worry, use the time while you have it!