Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh where oh where can we be

Let me just state I had every intention of blogging this week but I was preoccupied by this lovely site of my son enjoying himself non-stop:

We were on vacation.  YAY! 

We got a really cheap two bedroom oceanfront suite in Myrtle Beach (perks of my hubby's job) and skipped out of town on Saturday.  My sister Meg, Charles and their son Jackson came along too!

We have gone to Myrtle Beach before but not for such a long time.  This was our first family vacation and most definitely not our last.

There was plenty of sword fighting

and toy playing (I had to pack most of these toys and they were great to keep the kids entertained)

My sister got practice in case she decides to have another child

Colton smiled a lot

So did his cousin Jackson

And that made Mommy happy too!

More to come later because I am exhausted! Whew laying on a beach, swimming and shopping will do that.  :)


Mateya said...

Cute! I bet you guys had a blast :)

Lil' Woman said...

Cute pictures...I wish I could have gotten to the beach this summer but I will live vicariously through your pics :)