Monday, August 9, 2010

Motherhood Monday

I by no means know how to be a mother better than anyone.  I have only been one for a few months.  But the journey I have been on has been amazing.  I love to share stories of how I am surviving as a new mother. 

Today I share the must haves for a new mother.  These are things I have found work wonders in my busy day to day life. 

1.  A drying rack. 

Seriously!  Such a small simple thing is a life saver with all the bottles you go through.  Works great for breast pump supplies, bottles and now sippy cups.

2. A organizer for bathroom. 

We have this over our bathroom door.  Its stores diapers, lotions, washclothes, nail trimmer, comb, etc.  It is great to have everything near by for right after bath time.  I don't have to go to 10 different spots to find what I need. 

3. Multiple diaper changing stations.  You never know when you are going to get into a disastrous mess and where it will be.  We have a changing table in Colt's room, a diaper holder in our room, and his pack and play in the living room.  Makes for changing diapers wherever a breeze.  I do not think I would survive with just one place to change diapers. 

4. A bobby pillow.

 Honestly the best thing ever. Can be used for so much.  When he was little it was great for feeding.  Also when he would wake up early morning we would place he on it between us in bed and he would go back to sleep for a bit.  Awesome for catching a few extra winks. Now that he is older we use it to support him when he is sitting.  This way if he falls back its a "cushioned fall". 

5. A carrier.

We have the Jeep carrier; my husbands choice since he loves all things Jeep. Colton loves riding in this thing and it gives him a break from his stroller.  I have a bad neck and back from some previous car accidents and this carrier actually does not hurt me.  It works to up to 24 pounds or something so totally worth the money spent since you can get a lot of use out of it. (I always thought it looked dorky to use this and it really does but who cares!)

6. Fisher Price's Fish Tank.

 This is in his crib and at bedtime helps to calm him down.  It plays a lot of different songs and has soothing ocean sounds. I think anything like this is helpful for a fussy baby.

7. A great diaper bag.  I knew when I was pregnant that I had to have a stylish diaper bag that I would love since I am a purse hoarder. Jason bought me a Vera Bradley one as a present early on in my pregnancy when I was not feeling well. (Awwww! Yep, my hubby can be sweet)  This is now my purse when I have Colton. Invest in one with lots of room because as the baby grows so does the diaper bag. I can store so much of Coltons stuff and all my purse essentials in mine. We also got Jason a "Man Bag".  Its Eddie Bauer and it stores a lot as well. Both are always stocked so whoever has him for the day is prepared.

There is so much stuff that helps out everyday.  As Colton grows so does the list of things I need to survive the day.  Oh well, its all worth it!


Lil' Woman said...

Great sister is preggo so I'm taking all these Mommy posts ans sending them to her.

Llama said...

I love that fish tank! I want to get it for my friend! Thanks for the reviews and advice!!

Truly His said...

Good ideas! Thanks!