Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He's Got Junk in His Trunk

TMI Post (I will spare you the pictures)

This post will describe how close and gross my hubby and I are...when you are with someone for almost 10 years nothing is off limits.

When I was on maternity leave and home by myself with the little one I would get bored sometimes.  I only had a little baby to talk to all day. Text messages to my husband while he worked were my only adult talk for the day. Somewhere a long the way the texting got weird.

Colton can poop like no other (told you it was TMI). I swear that sometimes it is more than any adult could ever do in one trip to the bathroom.  I should know since part of my profession is helping to clean up other peoples messes. #2s do not gross me out since I dealt with it many times before having a child. But this kid, ugh!

As a joke one day I sent a text to hubby with a pic of his son's most recent work.  I know...how do I have time to take a picture of it, as he is moving and grooving all round in his mess.  I did though and I started a war.  Now whenever I am at work and Colton has a "blow out" I am now privledge to get a text with a photo of it.  And I do the same to my husband so his day can be blessed with a gross photo. 

We have done this so much now that my phone is full of poop pictures.  Whenever I want to show someone a picture of something on my phone I have to scroll through the "artwork" photos quickly so no one will see them.  Awakward and embrassing but it is part of our daily life sadly.



Lil' Woman said...

Lol....you two are crazy but that is pretty funny.

Llama said...

I would say this is absolutely gross...although this is TOTALLY something my boyfriend and I would do if we ever had kids! hahahah!