Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working it

As usual I have been a bad blogger. Slap on wrist.

I have been busy.

We ordered a baby dresser; on clearance, thank you very much! It will come this week.

I cleaned, meaning scrubbed entire house. It needed it.

I encouraged, don't ask me why, my husband to buy a new blue ray dvd player and surround sound. I did not know it will become such a big ordeal and expense. He has been super sweet lately so I thought he deserved a treat.

Late one night after a long three days of work Jason surprised me in bed with a package. He told me he knew that I had not been feeling well and was down about my ever changing body. He wanted to get me something to cheer me up. Inside was the newest Vera Bradley diaper bag. I had been looking at it since I found out I was pregnant but did not want to spend to dough to get it. He also placed a pair of Carolina Panthers baby socks and Duke bib in the bag. Super sweet.
I cried.

I picked out paint for the entire house. Now all I have to do is set date for family to come and help paint. I also have to find out sex of baby (only two more weeks) so I can pick out paint for nursery.

Just random list of things down in last few days. I wish I had more time to post but I have to go shop for housewarming present for my lil sis's first apartment.


Brittney said...

I want belly pictures!

So funny....I thought of you yesterday because I pulled out my yearbook to look for somebody...and you'd written something about F'n Ben! What a great Ring Dance date!

We are going to be down in Charlotte for the weekend for the game. Marc lives there, so we're going with him and his wife April. I'll make sure to look for the super pregnant woman!

Lil' Woman said...

Aww that was sweet of both you and your's have any names picked out yet?

Taryn said...

Oh- your husband is so sweet. I am glad he knows how to touch your heart.