Monday, February 22, 2010

Wait Listed

The past few weeks we have been looking into daycare only to keep hearing the dreaded phrase "WAIT LIST".

I guess I should have planned on putting the name of my unborn child on a list for a good daycare 2 years ago.

That's right; most places have a 2 year wait list!

2 years ago I was not pregnant. I really was not trying to get pregnant either therefore I was not looking at daycares.  I am a planner but come on who looks into daycares 2 years before they get pregnant! Okay super moms in this area do.

Now I know that in order to have my child in a 4 or 5 star daycare I need to place his/her name down on a list years in advance. So since we would like to have another baby soon I will be putting the name of Baby Booger down on the wait lists at these fine establishments!

I am hoping I receive a call in a year and someone tells me they have an opening for my Booger!

* I had other gross names that I thought of too but I am trying to get my kid into these places*


ParisPink said...

GOOD LUCK! That is crazy about the wait list. Left something for you on my blog!

Lil' Woman said...

It's like in the movies when you have to slip the day care worker a $100 just to look your way when you walk in the door...daycares are crazy.