Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thirft Store Love

Thrift stores, how I love thee, let me count the ways:

I love you when you let me buy a heart shaped Cuisinart dish that will be perfect for serving many "loving" meals.

I love you more when you give me a perfect brown and blue decorative platter for my kitchen, no wait living room, umm okay so have yet to place you in your perfect spot but for $1 you will have a home!

I love your boldness for selling me a wonderful set of candle holders for my bright aqua bedroom for only $1.50 (excuse the fingerprints on glass. I have yet to clean it.)

I adore you for having the perfect shade glass bowl for my kitchen. Looks great on top of my cabinets and you only charged me $2, not even the price of coffee.

You melt my heart when you give me a large glass hurricane candle holder for my fireplace for less than the cost of the candle I will buy to place in it.

Butterflies form in my stomach when I find numerous books on your shelves for .25 cents.

I adore you for letting me find the perfect antique glass color lamp that I can fix up for my house. (I am going to paint the gold parts silver)

Oh, and lets not forget the wonderful Pottery Barn silver centerpiece dish that I made into a flowered centerpiece. Cost of dish: $2 Cost of the joy you will bring me when I look in my dining room: Priceless!
I have so many more things that I have received from my numerous (heck lets be honest biweekly trips) I wish I could go everyday!

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Brittney said...

So, do you know any good thrift stores in VB? I want to start being thrifty, but I don't know where to go!