Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shopping fever!!!!

I need to go into a rehab program for SHOPPING. I can't get enough of it. I blame my mother.

I found this purse today at Coach.

LOVE IT. I have always had a thing for butterflies. I have a tattoo of one of my ankle and I also own many purses with butterflies on them but this one would combine two of my loves: butterflies and Coach. Oh Birthday fairies please grant my wish for this bag come April 5.

Unfortunately, my husband just bought me a new Coach purse for my birthday at the outlets this weekend so I do not know if I will be able to convince him to get me this one also. (I will still dream and wish that he will find it in his heart to get me this).

In other news from the Dirty Durham, our trip to Aruba has been postponed due to Baby Joel not being able to get his passport. Darn Baby Joel! Its not really a big deal since hubby works for the resort company because we can go whenever. We decided since the time off has already been given to me at my job that we are still going on a vacation. Super excited to about this trip because it is in:

We wanted to go somewhere fun and a place we will not be able to go when we have children. Since we are staying in the states a lot more of our friends are not jumping on the Vegas wagon. I still have to try to get into a bikini. Bummer!

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The Lucky Mrs. T said...

Havent been to Vegas in 100 years. You will have a fantastic time!