Friday, February 27, 2009

A to Z

Here's something fun

A- is for Aruba. Only a few more months.

B- is for Boys. My husband wants a baby boy. I use to but now I think a baby girl would be better, except can we guarantee to not have all the "girl drama"???

C- is for cats. We have two, one fat, one small. NO, seriously Eli weighs 25lbs (he has lost 5lbs, go Baby Boy!) and Link is still a kitten so he has yet to get FAT.

D- is for dog. (Yes I know I am being generic with the letters C and D, but get over it). We have Isabelle, the neurotic, OCD princess who is spoiled rotten.

E- is for Education. Extremely important, to the point when we do have children we will either foot the bill for private school or move to be in better school district.

F- is for football. Fav sport, GO PANTHERS!

G- is for gardening. I have a black thumb, scratch that I have two black thumbs. I kill every living plant in sight but just looking at them. Therefore, I will need to hire a gardener
H- is for Harrisonburg, VA. The city where hubby and I went to college, the city where we fell in love.

I- is for islands. Love traveling to them. It could also be for Ireland which is my next vacation.

J- is for Baby Jackson, my new nephew. So adorable!

K- is for Keegan. I found the name in one of my sister's baby books and fell in love. Who knows how long I will like it for and its not like I'm preggers right now.

L- is for LOVE. I give and receive it :)

M- is for money, I need more :( to feed my shopping addiction.

N- is for new house. I love the blank slate that we have but I need more time and inspiration to complete it.

O- is for ocean. How I miss living next to the beach. I can smell it right now.

P- is for PINK! Need I say more?

Q- is for questions. I know people say there are no "stupid questions". These people obviously are not nurses dealing with patients who I swear sometimes ask the dumbest things.

R- is for reef sandals. I need a few new pairs. Already have them in some online shopping carts just need to click to buy.

S- is for sisters. I have the sweetest!

T- is for Tijuana Flats. Favorite low-key restaurant. We will be getting one here soon, but for now I travel home to eat there. Delicious!

My fav hot sauce from there. YUM!

U- is for unlikely to get our taxes done this weekend. Gosh, we are usually done by now.

V- is for victory. DUKE victory on Sunday! Keep your fingers crossed.

W- is for work. Love my job; stressful yet rewarding.

X- is for XBOX 360. My husband's 3rd one just kicked the bucket again! UGH! I need that for him to stay occupied.

Y- is for young. Oh how I yearn to be 21 again, heck I would take 24.

Z- is for zebra prints. Not a fan and I have been seeing more of it lately. Especially in the new scrub lines. I just don't know if I like it.

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Very cute! Glad to have you in my swap!