Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unexpected visitor

The other night, like the old married couple we are, Jason and I went to bed at 10. When you have to get up at 5 to go to work you go to sleep before the good TV shows come on. :( So, we are fast asleep and Isabelle starts whining at our bedroom door. She sleeps in the room with us (typically in her OWN bed but sometimes she wiggles her way onto our bed). I hear Jason get out of bed to open the bedroom door for her. He thought that she was just whining to be let out to roam the house.

Well, this was NOT the case. After he opens the bedroom door she charges down the stairs to the front door and starts going crazy. I have never heard her like this. She is snarling, growling, jumping, etc. Basically acting like the German Shepard mix she is! I am still in bed (I sleep like a rock but I was starting to stir) so Jason looks down the stair case and does not see anything. He tells me later he thought maybe she was barking at deer which are popular on our street. He turns the hall light on and still nothing. So he does what any caring husband would do and finds his glasses (blind as a bat he is without contacts or glasses) and walks down the stairs in his boxers and nothing else!

He looks out the front door through the door window and does not see anything. So then he turns on the front porch light. Well, that is when I hear him say

"CAN I HELP YOU!!!" (really loudly and mean-like, well as mean as you can be in boxers)

At this point I race out of bed in my tank top and underwear (these were not my granny panties or comfortable undies either, they were my Vicki's stringy panties) and race out to the hall. Our roommate Joel is already downstairs standing behind Jason.

This random guy is just standing on our front porch at midnight, MIDNIGHT! The guy starts telling some story about how his car broke down, his grandmother is sick, the cops won't help him and he needs money for a cab ride. Jason basically tells him no way and keeps him talking for a bit while I sat on the stairs and called the cops. The guy tells Jason that he tried the neighbors but no one would answer or help. Well, HELLO we are the only ones that live on the street right now! The guy eventually leaves. At this point we all go outside (after the guy has disappeared) and check everything out. The boys walked the perimeter of the house and I checked all the vehicles. Everything looked okay.

The cop shows up, says he can not locate the man and that he will stay in the neighborhood for awhile to keep an eye out.

We go back inside and try to sleep, no such luck. Poor Isabelle huffed and puffed all night and could not sleep (for her good work she received a large amount of treats!).

Jason calls the Home Owners Association the next day to alert them of this. The HOA director sends Jason an email with a mug shot of a guy who has done this stuff in the past. It was the exact man! Evidently he was in jail for awhile and now has gotten out. Two weeks ago he did this same thing to a lady in the neighborhood.

Now we live in a very nice large community and this guy lives like 2 miles away but decides to come to our neighborhood to try out his scam. God knows how long he was standing on our porch!

Oh security system here we come!


Brittney said...

That kind of stuffis the exact reason I HATE being home alone. Last fall our doorbell rang at like 7:30 at night, but there were a bunch of men with badges on the other side, waving a picture. They asked me if I's seen the guy before and I told them he'd been parked on the side of my house the week begore with the girl across the street. Apparently there was a warrant out for him on home invasion charges. He got arresyed recently, but her parents were so embaressed that they kicked her out. Even when you live in great neighborhoods, you just never know!

S. said...

that is so scary!! i am so glad you are all safe and that is awesome that your dog alarmed you. our dogs freak out at the sound of a door shutting so I know they are a HUGE asset to our home, aside from all the love and kisses they give. hope you are all calmed down now and feeling better.