Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Valentine's Day Present

The other day at work I received a call from Jason. He said he had purchased his Valentine's day present for me to give to him. UMM, ok? So I am all for gifts but I like the shopping for them as well. Jason is extremely hard to shop for because he comes up with a list at the LAST minute and then changes it 5 times. I was kinda excited that I did not have to come up with a gift for him.

The reason he called me was to basically ask if he could use his gift. He picked out a new mp3 player. I informed him that he was not allowed to use the gift he bought for himself from me until I received my gift. So what do you know I come home to this: and this:

I love them! Couch wristlet (i had been wanted a new small purse to take out) and a Vera Bradley lunch bag (no more plastic bags for me to take to work)! So needless to say I let him play with his new toy.

And before you judge me about falling for mushy, manufactured holiday; Jason and I do not typically celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts. We typically go to dinner and give each other cards. This year we did not really buy each other Christmas gift due to the new house so we felt we should get each other something fun.

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