Sunday, February 15, 2009

How I spent my Hallmark Holiday

So we typically do nothing for Valentine's Day other than go out to dinner. This is usually the night before to avoid the crowds. This Saturday, the hallmark holiday, we drove to my hubby's home town.

Our purpose: furniture shopping

Our goal: buy a dresser for bedroom.

What we accomplished:

Purchasing a dining room table with 6 chairs, two leaf extensions and a large mirror for above fireplace. Yah, I know a dresser is suppose to have drawers and belong in a bedroom, but the dresser turned into this! Magic? or just a GREAT deal!

Loading up the camouflaged dresser into the back of the truck took about 90 minutes. This included my hubby's parents and I telling him that there was plenty of bungees to secure it and we were good to go. My hubby was not thrilled with how it was secured but had faith in my word as he always should.

So now we are driving down the road. I am looking through the side mirror at my cherished find, smiling because I am so proud of my bargain shopping skills (the table was originally around 2500 and we got it for under 1000). Hubby says

"Does the stuff look like it moved back?"
At this point I turn around and look at the table and realize he is correct. So I am all like

"Pull over now!"
And he is like

"I am trying to find the perfect spot to pull over"
Well he did not exactly say that but it took forever for him to pull over on this minor freeway that had a huge shoulder and numerous turn offs. We get out of the car and inspect the beloved dining room set. The table which was on the bottom of the pile had not moved (this was good because the gate was down and if it had moved everything would have slide right off the bed of the truck) but the chairs piled on top had moved all over and the bungees were loose. We found the culprit bungee that actually came undone about 500 feet from the truck. Realizing that we did not have enough colorful elastic cords to secure everything for the 90 minute drive home we called his parents. After his mother and I laughed about it for a bit they drove to meet us with reinforcements.

Oh this story just keeps getting better. As we are waiting for his parents I realize I have to pee. I REALLY have to pee! My husband proceeds to ask me why I did not go back at the furniture place when the rest of the family made a pit stop to utilize the bathroom. This pit stop was over 2 hours ago. I DID NOT have to go then! So I do what any resourceful girl who went to a party college would do. I decided to "pop a squat" next to the truck. Now I have done this many times and have no problem with it. I used a piece of cardboard to enclose myself in so that no one would see the "deed" as they were passing by. Of course, my husband is unprepared for these events and did not have any napkins in his glove box unlike myself who always has her vehicle fully stocked for such occasions. So the ever so popular method of drip drying came into use. UGH! This event went quickly and I finished, LUCKILY, just as his parents were pulling up. Unfortunately I did not plan on my place of squatting to be in the direct line of where we needed to stand to retie the furniture. To be nice, I placed my cardboard hut on the ground like a tarp so that no one would get their shoes dirty!

Another hour later, we finished rigging the truck again and on our way we went. 10 minutes down the road we have to pull over again. One of the boxes had become a parachute with the wind and was misbehaving and we had to secure it in order to prevent one of my table extensions from falling out.

Now we are trucking along and all I hear from my loving husband is

"Umm, we might have to push"

"Push what?" I say

"The truck, we are almost out of gas"

Now we are on back roads where gas stations are non-existent. So I put a phone call into our great roommate to tell him to get the gas cans ready to meet us. We decided to have a "Seinfeld" moment and test how far we could get on the reserve tank. Luckily we pulled it off and made it home where we unloaded my camouflage dresser and hubby proceeded to pull a pectoral muscle! GREAT DAY! Never a boring moment in the land of "Life and Love in the South"

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Pam said...

That is suck a cute story. Your hubby sounds like mine. Lol!