Sunday, February 8, 2009

House ideas

I am in a decorating slump. This is mainly because we do not have all the furniture we need to finish every room in this house. I want certain things and have decided I will not settle for less. Jason and I lived in apartments for so many years and had a mixture of hand me downs/thrift store/dumpster furniture. Yes, I said dumpsters. You can actually find really great things next to apartment dumpsters. I still have some really cute lamps from one apartment dumpster. The key is to find college apartments at end of year because college kids have the best stuff. I also love thrift stores. I visit one here in Durham at least once a week and have found tons of things I love. I will need to do a post on all my thrift store finds. Anyway, I am rambling!

I want to have a place the flows and has a nice homey feel. This is going to take time. I have been researching looks for each room to get a feel for what I need to start collecting.

Our bedroom is going to based on this concept:

Our room is painted aqua already. And we now have a massive black bed. I am refinishing a dresser that has been Jason's since childhood so that it has a black finish. I also have two night stands that will be black. The white accents will be in the bedspread and artwork. I think it is a"Relaxing" look with contemporary twist.

As for the next room this is our inspiration for the dining room:

This dining room is decorated for fall but you get the idea. I would love to find a 6 person black dining room table. We already have a black china cabinet. Our dining room has chair rails throughout so I am still wondering if whole room will be white or will paint different color on bottom. I think a light golden color or light blue would be cute. I love the brightness and simplicity of this not so formal dining room.

OH if I had a ton of money and time I would be complete with decorating my house.

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