Friday, April 24, 2009

Pinky lives!

In high school, around graduation time a bunch of pink flamingos were placed in front of the school for each senior (I do not remember this but my parents recall the story this way). I took mine home for one reason really; I love pink flamingos!
I proudly displayed it in the yard and named it Pinky.

Well fast forward a few months and I was away at college. I started receiving emails about my beloved Pinky. The first email was a ransom note stating that Pinky was kidnapped and was safe. My father sent it to me and said he was doing everything he could do to save Pinky (I know, my family is crazy but you have to love them). At first I did not understand what was going on, thought it was funny and went back to my college life.

Another email popped up a few weeks after that. This one had a picture. Pinky was dressed up with random things and surrounded by hunting riffles. I had to do all I could not to pee my pants from laughter. (My father and his buddies evidently have a lot of fun when they get together).

These emails continued for a few more months (I think my dad and his buddies were bored).

Eventually Pinky was safe and sound in the back yard where she stayed for a few more years. Sadly, her life ended about a year or so ago. She was a great plastic pet.

Well, I am proud to say that Pinky LIVES!

Yep, that's right Pinky II has found a home in the Dirty Durham. What a great life she will have here.

P.S. I know it is tacky but she is in the backyard so hopefully the neighbors will take pitty and not call the home owners association on her.


The Preppy Polka Dot said...

Love the pink flamingo! haha :)

Brittney said...

Pink Flamingos in front of PA? Where the heck was I? I also have no recollection of this...

Pamibelle said...

I know but this is how my dad and mom tell it...i don't think it is true but somehow I ended up with one and it had my name on it...who knows!

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...thats hilarious, wish you had the picture of pinky and the hunting rifles :)

BeeHappy said...

Cute story! Sounds like you have a great dad!