Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random thoughts

1. My house is a disaster. I really want a maid or maybe just my husband to dress up as one and clean.

2. All I want to do lately is sleep. Seriously!

3. Less than a week till Vegas, super excited even if I can't partake in the alcoholic beverages. I will pretend my water is some exotic drink.

4. I watched Transformers yesterday. Never seen it before, actually was not too bad. I think I still prefer G.I. Joe.

5. I have been craving some bacon cheeseburgers lately. Ate one last night but it did not satisfy my craving.

6. I am bloated! (I know TMI)

7. My husband cleaned the kitty litter box last night at 2 am (he was a little intoxicated and likes to clean like that because he claims it makes it more enjoyable). Man does he love me to do that chore for the next 8 months.

8. The guy who came to hook up our direct TV this week looked like Joe Pesci. "Okay, kay, kay," Lethal Weapon anyone?

9. I want to do some crafts but there is no where to do any since my house is a disaster. Also, I'm afraid I will fall asleep while hot gluing or something dangerous.

10. I fell asleep while writing this. Oh, I wish they made a pregnant friendly Red Bull. :(


Lil' Woman said...

"I'm afraid I will fall asleep while hot gluing or something dangerous."
-your funny girl

Taryn said...

Maybe you should take nap? Forever? Sorry you are so sleepy!

Wacie's Way said...

Congratulations! Take naps whenever you can . . . you won't feel normal again until probably your 4th month - hang in there!