Friday, April 10, 2009


A few nights ago I was watching tv and there was some show on discussing romantic gestures. It got me to thinking about my husband and how he has shown me his love over the years.

I would like to give a kudos here to my husband for all the sweet things he has done for me over the years. He truly is the my best friend and the person who I will grow old with.

One story sticks out in my mind.

In May when we lived in VA Beach there was a Redskins Beach Blitz weekend. All the Redskins players, cheerleaders, etc. came to the beach for a weekend full of events open to the public. My husband's company was one of the main sponsors because the entire Redskin crew stayed in their hotels. Jason was the main contact person for this event. A privilege for him being the huge Redskins fan he is.

Now, I am a Carolina Panther fan and have been for years. However, I do love me some of this:

and this:

oh yeah, and this:

Yes, Chris Cooley!

For those of you who are not Redskins fans or football fans he is #47, tight end and the only reason I watch the Redskins.

So during the Redskins Weekend we had free passes to pretty much everything. The only thing I wanted to do was get Chris Cooley's autograph. So we went to the convention center on the day of one of the "Meet and Greet" sessions. I found out where he was to be located and what time. I staked myself out in line and began my wait. My husband proceeded to wander the event and collect other peoples signatures. I waited with a good friend for about 4 hours. At that point, Jason found one of the Redskins coordinators he knew from working with him on the event and asked about Cooley. He was told that he would not be coming due to other arrangements. Disappointment! Well, he actually did show up shortly after that conversation. He entered the building, an announcement was made that he was sick and would only sign a few autographs. He was there for 5 minutes and I got just a glimpse. That was it!

I sulked like a 2 year old who could not get chocolate. Then I got angry, then sad and finally I pulled my #47 jersey off and threw it on the ground and proceeded to curse the only Redskins player I liked. After throwing my tantrum (so mature I know!) we went home. 4 hours and I had nothing to show. I was upset but my life went on.

The next week rolls around and I picked the mail up. There was a pretty decent size package in the mail from the Redskins with Jason's name on it. I called him at work. He said something along the lines of "Oh, yah I asked for something. Go ahead and open it. It really is nothing. But it is for you."

So I opened the package and pulled out a Cooley sized jersey. I turned it around and looked at the #47 and realized that Cooley had autographed it. My mouth fell to the floor. The coordinator for the Redskins called Jason to thank him for all his hard worked and asked if there was anything the Redskins could do for him. Jason explained his wife's obsession and asked if he could get an autographed picture. Needless to say he did not think they would send a jersey.

Lesson of this story: The way to melt Pam's heart is to give her an autographed jersey from a HOT football player.


Lisa said...

This is a great story! What a nice surprise! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Great story and how sweet of the hubby! :)

Wacie's Way said...

OH.MY.GOD!!!! Cooley is my favorite too . . . every game I either his jersey or I have a pink I Heart No. 47 tshirt that I ordered from his blog - do you ever check out his blog?? The guys here at work call me Mrs. Cooley - I wish!!

Pamibelle said...

Yah I found his blog the other day, amazing. I am still a Panther fan but adore the COOLEEEEY! We are going to go to the Redskins v. Panthers game on October 12th. So excited!