Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Lots of things going on in our household. We are getting ready to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary in a few weeks. I still have no idea what to get hubby; what do you get a guy who has pretty much everything he wants? We do know what we are doing for our anniversary. On October 11th we will be here

Bank of America Stadium, home of my Panthers. Jason will be rooting on his Redskins as they compete against my boys! (Both our teams are not doing well this year but whatever)
We will be staying the night in town at a lovely hotel, have a nice dinner and proclaim our love for each other as we duke it out over our favorite sport! OH LOVE! This will be our "babymoon". Our last vacation before baby comes.

The nursery is coming together nicely. I will post pictures later because tonight we are adding some details to the walls that I want to photograph. We have purchased a dresser and chair. The crib is going to be a gift from my parents.

The chair is from Babies R Us and is super comfortable.

The room is a bright blue and the dresser and crib are black so we are trying to do everything else in white to brighten it up.

We ordered wall decals of superheros and will be putting them up tonight. They are super cute and not scary at all! My fear with doing the "Superhero" theme room was it would be too scary for a baby but it actually is a lot of fun and will fit him for a few years. (Yes, my husband and I are nerds)

I started decorating the house for fall. I finished the dining room, however the dining room is still not finished being decorated in general after we painted. I still have to hang up some paintings. The paint is called "Artic Stone" by Behr. It is a light, dusky grayish-blue. I love our dining room table. We got a great deal on it at place in my husbands home town. We have yet to eat anything on it but that will change come the holidays.

I also decorated my console table in my living room with little trick or treat pumpkins. So cute!

I have had a change in hair color. It is darker now, closer to my original color. I like it this color especially since fall is here now. I tend to have my hair a light brown during the warmer months but during the cooler months I like to have it dark.

My pregnancy has gone great so far. I am now almost 26 weeks. Colton (it case I have not announced it the baby's name is Colton James Alan) is thriving in the womb. We had an echocardiogram done on the baby. It was a precautionary because of family history. The baby's heart looked great but they still would like to have him have one done after he is born just to be sure. I have my glucose test the 2nd week of October. Ugh, drinking that nasty juice sure will be fun! I have definitely rounded out. Colton loves to dance in my belly. He especially loves Journey which is awesome because Jason is such a huge fan. Anytime a Journey song comes on he starts to kick and punch me. Jason finally got to feel him a few weeks ago. He loved it. Sometimes at night when I can not sleep I place my belly up against his back or butt and let Colton go to town kicking him. Hahaha; it entertains me.

This is not the greatest picture but you can see my belly at least.

So there you have it. Updates on the busy life of me! Hopefully I will be better about updating.

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Lil' Woman said...

Aww...great updates!
First, I love the name Colton!
Second, I love that your child loves Journey! I might have to send you a little present. :)