Sunday, January 18, 2009

So tired!

So I am back to working night shift for like the next month. Plus: more money, not as crazy as day shift Negative: lack of sleep, all the crazies come out at night in the hospital. I only slept for 4 hours today after I got home from work and have been up since then. This is what I look like after 4 hours of sleep.

NOT so Pretty!
Oh well, hopefully I will get used to it. Unfortunately by the time I do I will be back to day shift.

Jason and I are still working on our house. We finally got a new bed. It is huge. We found a dresser that we are in love with. We probably will go pick it up this weekend. It is very vintage looking and it is big. Our room has vaulted ceilings and is big so I guess the large furniture will work. I finished painting the living room. I still have a lot more painting to do throughout the house but at least I am getting some of it knocked out. I have recently become addicted to Such cute things. I have also become a regular at TJMax's Home Goods store. Great things for the new home. I also (much to Jason's liking being the penny saver he is) have become a huge fan of our local thrift store. This store is huge and it has tons! Some days are great but sometimes I do not find anything (it does not happen often). The thrift store supports the local rescue mission so my money goes to a good cause. Hopefully in the next 5 years I will have finished decorating but by then we probably will be moving!

Oh goodness, so tired. I am going to take a nap so I can stay up all night in order to sleep all day tomorrow since I have to be at work at 7pm. Oh the life of a nurse!

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