Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm back

So the holidays were crazy. For Christmas Eve we went to Jason's parents. It was a good time. We received a washer and dryer from them. Super nice and very pratical. Unfortunately since we bought the home we now no longer receive gifts of fun stuff. Christmas day we went to my parents. That was a lot of fun as well. We received many gifts including a lawn mower (well that was Jason's because everyone knows that you will not find me mowing a yard anytime soon). Unfortunately, next year we will not be traveling. I have to work Christmas next year (this means I get Thanksgiving and New Years off). Plus, it is exhausting to travel almost 400 miles in a three day period. Here are some pictures of the house and tree. We did not do too much this year because of moving and everything. Normally our house looks like it threw up Christmas, but this year not so much. However, we were the best decorated house on the block! Okay, yes we are the only occupied house on the block, but whatever!

Boo! Redskins (who are not a playoff team, haha)

My nurse snowman

Baby Eli's ornament

Our wedding ornament from honeymoon

I love pink flamingos

You can not have Christmas without a Christmas Story

Link's first ornament

My Belle

Isabelle's ornament

The fireplace, not too much on it this year.
Our tree!
The house (Jason did not do many lights like he planned because of the rain and timing with having to put them up, but beware next year because he is planning already) This picture excludes the Christmas Story Leg lamp that he placed in the upstairs center window

Caroline Panthers ornament! Yah, we are a playoff team!

We had a bunch of friends come visit this past weekend. It was a fabulous weekend filled with great times. It was nice to be able to hang out with everyone and have enough room in our home for all. Here are some pictures of the crazy times!

Lindsay and I

Kate and Lindsay

Umm, UNC and Duke hate each other! Guess what

though, DUKE is # and UNC is #5 HAHA
Part of the 891G crew (its the apt # from college)

Kate and I (if you have not
noticed the pictures are in the Man room of the house)

Lindsay in my sweatshirt (I am not well endowed and she definitely is so its a tiny bit small)

Kate and Dan

Jason and I doing "Blue Steel"

Eww, boys have cooties!

Joel and I (I wonder how much Joel drank at this point, hint look at the eyes)

Beni and I (before he started making incoherent noises at the table)

Great times!

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