Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I worked Monday night when the snow started to fall. Now, when I went to college I got to see a lot of snow, however I never drove in it. Snow days in college consisted of us walking to the nearest store and loading up on essentials. These essentials were not bread and milk but some other type of liquid :). Being from the beach I never learned to drive in snow. We never got snow and when we did I just stayed home or caught a ride with my parents.

So at about 730 in the morning on Tuesday I left work to drive home. I live about 15 minutes from the hospital but only about 5 of those minutes is on a major road. The freeway was not bad conditions at first. As I'm driving I started thinking "Man, I can totally drive in snow! Awesome!" NOT THE CASE. The snow starts pouring down. I exit the freeway on an exit I thought would have a lot of traffic and therefore be a little easier to drive in some previous cars tracks. Well, no traffic! I mean not one single car on the road at all. It took me 45 minutes to get home, and this included me fishtailing about 5 times, skidding god knows how many times and having to stop once just to calm myself down. (I know I am a sissy but I am a beach girl. Give me a tropical storm and I will be fine driving but the white stuff, not so much!)

I made it home and took Isabelle out for a little while. She has never really played in the snow. Her new nickname is now Snowbunny. She loved it. She ran around, rolled in it, ate it, and just enjoyed playing in the snow.

We ended up getting about 5 inches in our neighborhood. When I woke up to go to work Tuesday night it had stopped. Jason and Joel had gone out to check the roads for my drive to work. They came back and basically said that there was no way I was driving. So Jason drove me to work and picked me up this morning. The problem now is black ice and people that think it does not exist!.

Here are some pictures when there was about 2 inches or so on the ground.

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