Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Love

I love Valentine's Day.  The color pink, hearts, candy, cute little love quotes; it is definitely a girls holiday.
I decorate for it in January right after Christmas.

I found the cute little pink plates with trees at one of my favorite thrift stores for $1.25 for 4. 

The little mailboxes are from the Target dollar section. I decorated them with puffy heart stickers (who doesn't love puffy hearts).  If Colton has a good day I put something little inside like stickers, lollipops, crayons and put his flag up.  He gets so excited when he notices the flag up.  Its been fun to do this with him to help teach him about good behavior and rewards. Jason has one too and sometimes we fill each others up with little things.  However, he abuses it and puts my flag up when nothing is in the box.  It's very disappointing when I look in there and it is empty. He thinks it is hilarious.  I pay him back by placing things he needs in his (car keys, bills, etc) and then quietly laugh while he looks all over the house for his items.  It's the little things that entertain us. HA!

 I found the owl vase at Carolina Pottery.  He has been making appearances throughout the house since he came to live with us. 

I made Colton's Valentines for his class.  I found the little boxes in the Target dollar section.  They are filled with stickers, a lollipop and an eraser.  Colton helped by placing stickers on the homemade tags.

We are all ready for Feb. 14th.


Lil' Woman said...

I love the mailbox idea, that is too cute. And I love love love your decorations. :)

Kate said...

The mailbox idea is great! How fun!

Your table looks so pretty