Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adventures at the Doctor's Office

Yesterday we went in for Colton's two year check-up.  I don't know how Jason gets out of taking him to his check-ups because it is always an event.  He was an angel through the process of the check in/weigh in, however he is now in lower percentiles for everything. 

He had to have his blood checked for iron levels so a finger prick was next.  Luckily, our best friend/old roommate runs the lab at the office and Colton LOVES him.  He sat quietly and did not cry once during the blood collecting session.  He got a Super hero band aid and we went back to our room.  But don't let this angel face deceive you

Once we were in the room he ripped off the band aid and started to bleed everywhere.  It looked like a blood bath in that room.  I was chasing him around with a paper towel trying to contain the bloodshed.  Finally I got another band aid on his finger and wiped up the blood splatter room (most of it was on my favorite jeans).  I also am grateful I had extra band aids in my purse from a previous finger injury I had early in the month.  He kept the second band aid on for a few minutes but he is obsessed with throwing things in trash cans so he took off his band aid again just to throw it away.  We repeated the same process of "chase me while I bleed all over the white floors and clean exam room".  I sometimes think I am a rodeo cowboy wrangling a calf instead of a mom.  

This is my depiction of what he looked like during the process

The doctor came in and Colton sat still for him to check him out.  I mentioned that lately he has been thirsty all the time.  He suggested checking his sugars and urine.  Another finger stick and band aid (he left that one on for the rest of the visit-thank goodness).  Next up was trying to get urine.  I am no stranger to collecting urine since my job consists of urology patients.  The nurse wanted to place a bag around his "urine maker".  This was accomplished but only with kicking and screaming by Colton.  We hung around for a little while to see if we could get him to pee.  NO LUCK.  

I did not want to have to drive all the way back to the office once we got home so I decided to go to CVS and shop a bit and check him after.  Bad idea.  He was on full melt down by this point.  He walked through the store pointing to his private area telling everyone it hurt.  Embarrassing.  He then decided to knock a whole display of nail polish over.  I was so frustrated at that point I shoved the display back together quickly and got him out of the store.  I made a mommy executive decision to not try and collect his urine and took the bag off.  We went home and called it a day.  

I have to call the office today and ask if I can come get another bag to try and obtain a sample this week.  I really don't think anything is wrong but ruling it out is what has to be done.  His sugar level was good so that made me feel better.  I hope he behaves when I try to get that little bag on him.

Anyone else tired of the terrible twos?? Am I the only one with a vampire/rodeo calf of a child? Is it normal to drink in the middle of the week??


LWLH said...

Bless your heart, that sounds like one hell of an experience.

Kate said...

I literally laughed out loud at the part about telling strangers at CVS that he was hurting down there. Toddlers are too funny! H has his 2 year appt next week and I am already nervous. I hope his parents don't make me go-I'm the only one NOT in tears! I would rather take him by myself-his parents are worse than he is ;)