Saturday, April 10, 2010

The girly room

Since we were blessed with a little boy I was not able to decorate his room in girly things (Trust me I tried).

Most of my house is muted earth tones; however I have managed to sneak some girly things in without hubby gagging. These pink items are definitely small and not seen by many. I really wanted to do a "pretty" room in our house. I was granted that in the smallest room in the house. THE HALF BATH.

This bath rests underneath the staircase. My husband said I could paint it whatever I wanted and he would not complain. On maternity leave I did just that. I decided since most of our house guests would use this room I did not want to overdue it in the hot pink dreams that I had floating in my head. (I seriously would love a hot pink room somewhere in my house but I know that it can be seen as tacky to some and I plan on selling this house in the next few years). I picked a lavender color instead.

I decorated in small girly things. The pictures are scrap book papers placed in silver frames. Super easy and cheap. The candle I took a piece of scrap book paper, wrapped it around the candle and placed a scrap book sticker on top.

I love going in that bathroom to do my business.

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Lil' Woman said...

Get the warm and fuzzies while going in the girly bathroom :) lol...u crack me up!