Thursday, March 4, 2010

Story time

I love books!

I have always loved to read. It started at an early age and has continued into my adulthood. I read around 15 books a year. When I was sick and had to stay home from school I would read books (insert nerd jokes here please). My passion for reading is a trait I would love to pass on to my son.

Everyday we have story time. I know he is only two months old but I really think he enjoys it. It is the part of the day that he laughs and smiles the most. Most likely this is because he gets to see his mother make funny faces and talk in strange voices. He probably thinks I am crazy but oh well.

We read two books everyday. His collection of books is growing every week mainly because I have been going thrift store shopping a lot. I find some of the best children books at these stores. Most of the books he has I had as a child. I love reading these books to him because it reminds me of the simplicity of childhood.

Some of my favorites are:

Golden books are great.  There are classic stories and fairy tales.  These books are always cheap and a great read for children of all ages. 

When I was little I would read this book non stop.  I have always loved the simple words and cute little rhymes.

Dr. Seuss is a must for children.  He makes a story rhyme non stop and little kids love that.  This particular book addresses a real issue that is going onto today: the depletion of our natural resources but it is told in a very cute way. 

My ALL.TIME.FAVORITE.  Love it!  It speaks of a mothers love for her son and how it is never ending.  I cry everytime I read this. 

Maybe I will be able to read an adult book again soon but for now I am enjoying reading all these childrens books with my baby. 


Brittany Ann said...

I was the same way. Still am. I love a day of reading!

Lil' Woman said...

I loved the Golden Books, I would be so mad at my sister when she would draw in them.