Wednesday, November 18, 2009


1. Thanksgiving is next week. A weekend spent with my family at a beach house; yipee. I am drooling now thinking of all the food. Watch out peeps because this pregnant girl will knock some people down for my mom and grandma's cooking.

2. I am watching the Pie Cook-Off on the Food Network and thinking of the chocolate pie I have in my freezer. I might be eating that tonight for dinner. Yah I said it, dinner. The other morning I had a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast. I seriously was afraid I was going to be caught by the pregnancy police.

3. I have to work all weekend and Monday and Tuesday. Hello swollen feet.

4. Is it bad that I am using my Pure Romance Heart Heat Massager (you know you have all been to one of those parties!) to rub out my pregnancy pains?

5. Baby Colton is measuring a week ahead of schedule and is head down. Hopefully he makes an appearance before New Years. Jason would love that since it would be a tax write off. :)

6. I have to work on a hat for Thanksgiving. A family tradition is everyone makes a hat to wear for the day. They are suppose to be funny and do not have to be Thanksgiving theme. My mom awards everyone prizes. It really is just an excuse to be drunk and wear hats at dinner.

7. I seriously need to go eat some pie.

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Tiffany said...

I had to crack up at your tax write off comment! That is SO something my husband would say! ha!

Happy Thanksgiving!! don't work too hard!