Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Party Season

I love the holidays. Absolutely. LOVE!

The party invites are starting to roll in. Normally I get super excited because this means I get to go shopping for new dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. This year I was not that excited when I started seeing the party invites arrive in the mail. I was a little upset because I am so fat! I normally try on the cute dresses I have in my closet and decide which ones to wear again and search the mall for a few new cute ones, but I figure this year will be different because of the pregnancy. I do not want to spend money on dresses that I can not wear again; plus I am just not feeling that attractive right now with my 8 month belly.

I am changing my mind slightly because I have found some cute maternity dresses that won't break the bank.

This one is from the Gap. I did not know they sold maternity clothes, however I am not really a Gap shopper. Price: $60 which is not too bad

This one is from Motherhood and only cost $35. Basic but cute.

This cute red one is pricey at $138 from a online site called Blossom, but I actually think its my fav. Shhh, don't tell Jason the price in case I buy it.

This green little number is not necessarily maternity but I could make it work. I just buy a larger size so my watermelon can fit. It is from Newport News catalog and is only $70.

Of course I could just throw a black trash bag on with some diamonds and call it a day because I might not feel like dressing up come December. My waddle is getting worse and my feet are the size of Bozo the Clown. :(


Lil' Woman said...

The red one is def. my fav too!!
I want to go shopping for a cute holiday dress

Priscila said...

love the red and green dress...amazing!
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