Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Party Strikes Back

To continue to Star Wars birthday party rant:

After all the kids went home or to bed the adults came out.  We definitely had an adult party that made me regret drinking the next day. It is so true that your hangovers get so much worse as you get older.  Jason and I ended up trading time with Colton the next day because both of us had our moments of illness.  Colton thought the day after was great because he ended up getting to pick out a lot of movies and books to play with.  My house looked like a frat house the next day and ended up getting a deep scrub but it was worth all the fun.

These pictures display the good times had even if alcohol was involved :)

you can kinda see my "princess leia buns" in this picture which were just pig tails wrap around my head

These were glow star glasses I found at Walmart and were meant for the kids but I guess "kids at heart" work too

sisters always love each other (even when you don't look alike)

yep, illegal fireworks.  Good thing we live across street from open field and only have 4 neighbors

Always have to represent JMU!

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LWLH said...

Looks like you guys had a blast :)