Friday, May 7, 2010

Adventures in shopping

 I love shopping as most people in my life know.  My shopping addiction and some student loans are really the only reason I have a job otherwise I probably could be a stay-at-home mom. 

I recently bought these new shoes: 

Shiny and comfy.  Two of my requirements for summer flip flops.

I also got a new swim outfit.  I still have a little baby pouch so I decided to get a little tankini with some board shorts to wear on days when I am feeling bloated.  Old Navy had a 30% off sale last weekend and I got an entire swim outfit for $20.  Long gone are the days when I would spend $50 on a bikini top and the same amount on the bottoms.  These board shorts are great since I now have to bend over a lot and pick up Colton.  My big butt enjoys them!

 I love buying things for Colton.  Boys clothes are not as cute as girls but I have been getting into them lately.  Colton has to be stylin' of course. 

We buy a lot of things with monkeys on them for Colton because he is our "Chunky Monkey". (The blue shirt says "Monkeys Rule")  At his last check up the doctor asked if we had any nicknames for him.  I gladly responded "Chunky".  He laughed and said he guessed that was ok till he got older.  I told him that I call them like I see them.  HAHAHA. 

We also bought Colt a pool to use in the backyard.  We live right by our neighborhood pool but this is just nice for the late afternoon and other warm days.  It has a shade on it so that he can not be in the sun for too long. 

I also recently received a pair of caribbean topaz earrings from hubby when he went to Aruba for work.  


So my new shopping goal is to find a necklace to go with them.  Or maybe since he is going to St. Martin in two weeks he can buy me one then.  (I know he has such a hard job of island hopping ).

And the shopping adventures continue!


d.a.r. said...

oooh those earrings are gorg!!!

Brittney said...

Aruba for work? Sign me up for that! Colton is so cute! And as for the shopping..I was told last week I could be a stay at home Mom if I quit going to Target (seriously). You know, since my student loans aren't as high as yours :)

Lil' Woman said...

He gets to go to Aruba for work?!?
WTH? Where do I find a job like that...