Monday, December 1, 2008

Our first house!

Today is the day we close on our first house!

It originally was set to close last Wednesday but the builder forgot to get a certain permit and we had to push the closing date to today. I guess that is what happens sometimes when you buy a new construction home. We were really upset because he had almost two months to get this permit and waited till last minute. With the holiday the offices were closed and he could not get it signed. UGH! So we played phone tag with our realtor and our broker. It was not a fun day. Alas, we pushed the closing date to today and actually got a really low interest rate for doing it. The government decided to buy up some mortgage securities on Wednesday (our original closing date) and that let us get a lower interest rate. So in the end we ending up better off closing today.

We went to Lowes on Saturday and bought paint for the house. We bought a pretty green for the living room fireplace wall and the rest of the living room walls will be a color called Gray ghost which is a light brownish-gray. We also bought paint for the master bedroom which will be an aqua color (our master bedroom decor is beachy so that color fits). Our friend Joel is also moving in with us (we like the company and it gives Jason a friend to play with) and he chose a Carolina blue for his room. I told him he could pick any color because I'm really laid back about paint colors. Jason was not happy that he picked Carolina blue being we are DUKE fans. Oh well!

I will eventually buy paint for kitchen, half bath downstairs, dining room and entry way halls this month. I just need to figure out what colors I want. Jason keeps disagreeing with me on colors but I think I will just paint it whatever I want and he will deal with it. :)

While at Lowes Jason and Joel looked at all the Christmas decorations. Jason said for every dollar I spend on paint and decor he gets to spend equal on Christmas lights for the house. This could get scary. I might have to get the whip out and control him because I can see our house resembling the Griswolds from "Christmas Vacation." Since we are the only house occupied on our street (there are 10 other new houses on the street that no one has bought yet) Jason thinks we need enough lights to blind the entire block. I hope it does not end up looking like this house!
Hopefully I can keep him tasteful.

So, after 8 years, 2 dorm rooms, 7 apartments and 1 townhouse we are finally getting a home. It has been a long road of moving pretty much every year for the past 8. We have lived in cramped dorm rooms with no ac, small college apartments with many stinky guys, 1 large townhouse with 1980s decor, a small 1 bedroom apartment in a not so safe neighborhood, 1 beach apartment where we were robbed of most of our possessions, another beach apartment that required daily workouts to get to and a really nice 3 bedroom apartment that we called a temporary home in North Carolina till we close on the house today. I'd say we are grateful for all that we have been given in life and look forward to many memories in our first house!

The house (the porch has a fan on it, so Southern!)

Part of kitchen, minus stainless steel appliances

Part of living room

Our hay filled yard (just until we can get some grass to grow)

The formal dining room

The view of the lake from backyard (there are

also tennis courts, pool, playground and volleyball area down by lake)

Kitchen again ( I really like glass cabinet)

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Brittney said...

Pam! Your house is so cute. For some reason looking at your newly built house reminds me of walking through your parents' house when it was first built. And you picking out the paint colors for your room. Have fun making it a home...Congratulations!